Yada yada yada sustainability yada yada yada?

For many, sustainability is merely a trend topic they roll their eyes about. But honestly now: Could there be a better trend?

For us, sustainability is a matter of the heart – after all, we've got children. The term has two dimensions for us: Firstly, we always aim to create sustainable, meaning long-acting communication. Secondly, we do our best to work ecologically responsible. We are convinced, that life on our planet will only remain worth living, if each of us does their part.

We care for "green" brands

We don't treat our clients depending on their budget. However, we are esecially passionate about brands and products with sustainable values. Be it organic food, regenerative energy, efficient electronic devices or regional products.

We save

We only print as much as really necessary – for sketching and note-taking, for example. We don't print every layout we need to discuss but use the computer to do so. And we keep every letter or invoice we write nice and short.

We use "green" energy

We use sustainable energy to power our agency – and we try to use as little power as possible. After all, you don't need to have all the lights on to come up with bright ideas.

We save

We save water whereever we can – by filling the dishwasher up fully, by not letting the water run when it's not needed and by using that water saving button on the toilet whenever possible.

Do you have a "green" brand?
Then we'd love to get to know you!

The agency that puts things in (e)motion

Die Rückemänner are here to put your company and/or brand in motion; whether it is driving sales or making your targets' hearts beat faster. This has been our business since June 2000; as a full service agency for clients of various industries and sizes. We create short-term promotional actions as well as long-term brand development. And whatever we do: we do it lean, fast and with all necessary flexibility. You may consider us a partner you can always rely on.

Unique among 6,000

There are over 6,000 ad and communication agencies based in Hamburg. So why choose us? Perhaps because we'd rather find solutions for your business than try to find smart answers to such questions. In other words: We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk – with you. That leaves only one more question unanswered: What can we do for you?

Partner for small and big players

Developing good communication should not be a question of budget. That's why we service international brands with the same passion and precision as we do small or medium sized businesses. Oh, and we don't mind long-distance relationships: Even if you're not from Hamburg or Northern Germany, you're just as welcome and in capable hands with us.

The agency heads

Burkhard Rückemann

Partner | Geschäftsführer

Burkhard Rückemann

Daniel Kaesmacher

Partner | Creative Director

Daniel Kaesmacher

The Necessary Punch


Der nötige Biss

3 heads with nothing in mind but your success.

Owner-done, not just owner-run

We're certain: All heads need to work together to reach the best possible results. That's why our owners are directly available to all of our clients and personally involved in all projects.

Passionate and pragmatic

Creativity is the key to awareness – and to the hearts of your customers. Pragmatism, however, is the key to efficiency. We work in the happy medium; passionately searching for creative solutions but never losing sight of the bare essentials: the efficacy of our creations.

Open ears, open doors

Listening carefully is a fundamental basis for a fruitful co-operation. That's why we practice open communication – both internally and externally. Flat hierarchies and short decision paths help us to fulfill briefings and solve problems quickly and flexibly.

Someone for everything

Offering full service doesn't mean doing everything alone. So for any product or service we don't offer in-house we've got an expert partner at hand. We cultivate a skilled network of web and e-commerce developers, photographers, film production companies, print producers, art buyers, multimedia and PR experts, illustrators, etc.

Even the smallest business deserves a great idea.

Communication that holds water and drives your business

TVC, CLP, POS, SEM, etc.

Classic Advertising (TV, Print, Radio)
Integrated Campaigns (360°)
Campaign conception
Communication consulting
Logo and Corporate Design
Public Relations

POS and sales promotions
Transit advertising
Trade advertising
Product brochures
Customer magazines
Annual reports

German and english copy
Direct marketing
Mailings and e-mailings
Consumer promotions
Trade fair communication
Trade booth production

Radio advertising
Corporate films
Online advertising
Social media marketing
Guerilla marketing

Examples of Our Work




HAPP Hamburger Ambulante Pflege und Physiotherapie

ILS Professional



Whatever goals you want to reach, you'll always reach one of us.

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